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Welcome to

Instant Church Directory Online! 

The basic features of this application are presented below.



 ISD Oneonta will always have an up-to-date directory with Instant Church Directory. We will periodically cross-reference the directory with our Constant Contact database to verify and update member information. Think of us as your Do-It-Yourself Directory guide. All member data is entered into one database and the information is generated into a PDF format, and instantly available on the mobile apps and online member directory website for our members and friends. If you are a member at ISD Oneonta, you will find your name already entered in by Tom Landon, or Susan Owens, our Board Secretary, but . . .


You may now  personalize your entry by uploading a personal or family photo, or making corrections. The image upload tool makes handling one photo or multiple photos a simple task. You can also let us know if you do NOT want to be in the directory.


Security - IMPORTANT

 New people and new submissions must be approved by the administrator of the directory, Tom Landon, (me) before they get into the directory, which prevents unauthorized users with ill intent. The application uses industry best practices for securing and backing up the servers and data, including proactive 24/7 monitoring of the services for possible intrusions. To ensure your directories are safe, access is allowed only for members who are entered in the directory, and directories are automatically "wiped" from devices if a member is removed from the directory. You can feel assured that your personal information is safe.


Your information is only available to the other ISD Oneonta members who have created an account. You do not have to be in the directory if you choose not to.  The advantage is you will be able to instantly access mailing and email addresses, as well as phone numbers for friends at ISD, for both social and ISD business purposes. Members who manage the directory have several options for creating groups or PDF documents.


Your account is protected by a username and password that only you 

will know. Search engines do not crawl any of the directory data located within the password-protected portion.



The application provides options for creating a PDF of the membership listing or select groups for printing in various formats. These can be created by ISD management and provided to members if desired.


How Do I Get Started?

Easy! CLICK HERE for essential instructions to create your username and password. This is your personal choice and will be your key to accessing the directory through either a mobile app or online website.


If you want the convenience of accessing Instant Church Directory on your phone, simply search for the Instant Church Directory app for either iphone or android, download (free) and then follow the instructions for setting up your account.


Once your account is established, follow the simple attached instructions for editing your family data and adding a photo if you desire (your choice, not required). Data has already been entered for all current members – please verify your personal data and edit if necessary.



Welcome Aboard!

 As manager of this new online application, I trust you will find it both easy to use and beneficial in creating a greater sense of community within the ISD Oneonta family. Please feel free to ask questions or express your opinions about this new tool, and I promise to listen and do my best to resolve any problems. 


Once logged in, if you scan the various groups & committees, and wish to be added to a particular group, please email me and let me know.


Sincerely yours,


Tom Landon, Membership Committee Chairperson