Institute for Spiritual Development

A Metaphysical Church and School for Spiritual Development 

Those who complete all the courses, plus 12 elective hours and assignments are qualified to become Certified Healers for the Institute for Spiritual Development.  Classes in the program can be taken by anyone, not just Healing Students in the Program.

Whether your goal is to find an alternative path to health and healing for yourself, to help family members and friends, or to launch your own business, your path starts here.  Enhance your own ability to connect with universal healing energies reliably through a variety of techniques and consistent practice with several powerful and fascinating teachers on our faculty.  Relieving chronic pain, reducing anxiety, quicker healing time, better sleep are just some of the benefits that have been clinically shown for many different healing modalities that work with the human energy body.

WATCH THIS Free Introductory Session and MEET THE FACULTY, Review the curriculum and decide if this program is for YOU . .

Register for any one class that appeals to you, at any time, or register for the whole program.  Classes will  be repeated.

You may pre-pay to get a 10% discount off the price of the whole program.  Pre-pay at the registration for Reiki I on Aug. 7th, or

Reiki One on Sept. 11th. OR,  if you have already taken Reiki I, pre-pay at the Registration Link for "The History & Science of Energy Healing" on Sept. 16th & 23rd.  All students are assigned a mentor to personally assist and encourage them on their progress through the program. Healing Practice Circles will be held on the third Saturday of every month,  hosted by JoAnn Wormuth, or other surprise guest teachers teaching a new modality, and giving students a chance to practice healing skills with volunteers.

Twenty Practice Sessions are Required for fulfillment of program.

Please ask your volunteer clients to give you written feedback by filling out THIS FORM and returning it to you.   You will collect your own feedback forms and submit them to your Mentor. 

Jo Ann Wormuth
Healing Program Director