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4pm-9 Rain or shine! Darling Hill- Egyptian Mysteries +Full Moon Vedic Fire Ceremony + Potluck

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Saturday August 17, 2019 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
404 Ed Herman Rd, Westford, NY  (map)

4:00 gardens and pond open!

5 pm "Journey to Egypt, A Celestial Boat Ride", workshop presented by Amanda Hoover

Take a celestial boat ride to remember our Egyptian selves and how the Egyptian Mystery School Teachings support the spiritual development of our modern multidimensional selves. We will delve into the ancient symbols and hieroglyphs to explore symbolic meaning for consciousness expansion, daily balance and the concept of resonance as it relates to multidimensional experience.




6:30 Pot luck: Bring a Dish to Pass, BYOB

7:30 Full Moon Vedic Fire Ceremony with Potluck Supper

Led by Yogi Tapash, Mantras and Hymns will be sung in Sanskrit during the Full Moon Fire Ceremony. This is an Interfaith Ceremony- bring an intention and favorite prayer or chant or song to share.

WHERE: Darling Hill Retreat Center, 404 Ed Herman Rd., Westford, NY

RSVP & CALL for Directions: 607-638-5111; or email

Bring a Dish to Pass and flowers or seeds from your garden for fire ceremony.

ABOUT AMANDA: Amanda Hoover has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, a Master's of Science in Education and is a certififed school counselor and school administrator. She has studied metaphysics, spirituality, and world religions at the college level. Amanda has Reiki 1 Practitioner Certification and is a certified life coach. She has received extensive professional development in mindfulness in education and training in meditation.


Learn the Ancient Art of Vedic 'Indian' Fire Ceremony. Fire is used in all Spiritual Traditions to magnify prayer. Sound from music, especially stringed instruments, chanting and mantras also invoke spiritual aid. These higher vibrations attract the attention of Spirits, our Ancestors, our Guides. Learn how to incorporate these ancient tools into your prayer life. Presented in Sanskrit and English.

Bring an offering of flowers or seeds from your garden. Also bring a prayer, an intention to manifest, to bless your family and friends.

Seekers from All Paths Welcome. Bring questions for Tapash~

RSVP via

Fire Ceremony is a way to attract the mind to the higher centers of the brain by identifying with God-like qualities described in the ceremony. The Hymns and Mantras are in Sanskrit designed to help you identify and vibrate to these higher spiritual vibrations. But it is also a cosmic conduit that seems to magnify your impulses and emotions to link three higher realms of existence to touch the Mahatmas great souls and attract their attention.

Arrange private Hindu astrology reading of your natal chart with Yogi Tapash earlier this day-

Call/email to reserve your spot: Phone: 732-267-5722;

Study the Map of your Destiny. Understand your Strengths & Weaknesses. Learn about the Planetary & Past Life Influences around your Relationships & Profession. Navigate your course with Knowledge of your Gifts & Challenges.

When registering please give your full birth information: date, time, place/address. Be as specific as possible.

ABOUT YOGI TAPASH: Tapash is trained in Indian Astrology and Tantric Yoga in the Ananda Math Tradition. This tradition has both female and male Yogis, honoring both the feminine and masculine aspects of the Divine. It also has an ancient lineage of Spiritual Warrior Monks. After decades of studying Sanskrit mantras and hymns, yogic philosophy, and Fire Ceremonies in India and the USA. After 30 years of study I am qualified to teach and perform Vedic Ceremonies (Puja`s). This study honors universal spiritual principles.

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