"Who was I  in a Past Life?" 
Come and find out with Past Life Teacher, Rev. Kathy Gregg, from ISD WDC on Sunday, 10-15 at 12 noon!
Get ready for some mind-blowing insights about  Who you are as an eternal Being.

Curious about Ghosts?
Join us at this special 3 part class with Tina Breslau, a real ghost hunter!
Thursdays, 10-12, 10-19 and 10-26, 6:30-8:30 pm. . . .
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Amazing house clearing stories!
Welcome to a new and exciting future at the ISD Oneonta!  What is the Institute for Spiritual Development? It's both a metaphysical church and an educational center originally founded 40 yrs ago in Sparta, NJ.

Rev. Diana Friedell & her sister Rev. Sue Landon, are leading the charge and harnessing the growing spiritual awareness movement in Oneonta to establish a new chartered chapter of ISD.  We are the fourth chapter- the other ISDs are in Sparta, NJ, Madison, NJ, and Washington, DC.


 ISD is a church that focuses on healing, intuitive connection, and the joy of finding the spirit connection within rather than being told how it should or could be experienced. We welcome those who want to belong to a spiritual group of like-minded people, in which you can explore and find your own path in a community of love and support.

There will be classes, services, events, and a sense of community and fellowship. Energy healing and intuitive messages are delivered as a regular part of the worship service. Classes will offer many tools which will help you on your life path, and the community we are creating together is one of openness and acceptance, and the ability to adapt with  change and growth. 

To quote the Rev. Kathy Kerston, the Director of ISD Sparta:
"To live in health, happiness and prosperity is everyone's birthright, whether we choose to follow a certain path is our individual choice. No dogma or belief system is imposed upon anyone."

We hope you will join us in this auspicious beginning, the first steps of becoming a well-established institution that supports the people of Oneonta and the surrounding area in living full and happy lives.

In Peace,  Rev. Diana Friedell, Director

With the belief that all paths lead us Home, ISD is dedicated to helping each spirit to walk their path with courage and joy.

We stand for each individual’s right to seek their personal Truth, as they respect the same right for others. We honor the sacred texts of all traditions of the Light.

We believe that communication with all spirits is possible and is manifested.